Dream Work

It’s so easy for me to dream and come up with good, even great ideas, much harder to focus on one and follow through. I write new songs and poems and get seeds of songs and parts of poems, planted and growing day and night.
Yes, in the middle of the night too; that’s me under the covers,that’s me writing by cell phone light, finding my religion. And not waking my woman.

Here’s one example of a thought I wrote down the other night:

Today I took two songs and made them into one that is a definite contender for this DOJ recording project, oh the suspense, I know!

For the last while I’ve been working on bringing a long time South African friend to Canada to record with me but can only do so much from my side.



Every day I’m doing the dream work, step by step in time with the tunes, in tune with the times. What a passion and a privilege! Here’s to working together with my dream team, whomever you end up being. Cheers! At the time of writing we’re still in the gelling stages.

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