Easier To Make It Up..

“Easier to make it up than make it real.” Edie Brickell

That line sings so true for a visionary dreamer like me. I’m dying to make musical dreams come true but feel so much like the sole shipwreck survivor, desperately sending up smoke signals for passing airlines 35, 000 plus feet above the relationally deserted island I find myself on.

Last week I strained my voice in a number of ways including yelling in anger (stop that), singing while exhausted (get some rest) and trying to learn someone else’s song that as my wife says “wasn’t meant for you”.. (wasn’t written for me).
I’m on the mend and need some pre-production help in placing the song in the right key for me and deciding if it’s right for me to record the song or not. Covering the song live is one thing, recording it is a creative and financial commitment.

Re-evaluating everything, who, what, where, when, why of this recording project and even entertaining the thought, “should I even do this as it could change everything and not necessarily for the better.” Yes I have been afraid of failure, and success. Sometimes dreams are not meant to come true. What am I meant to do? Even with this second guessing, coming from a desire of wanting to do the right thing, I will do the right thing following the way of peace. And that does not mean following the path of least resistance.

Last month I had the sage thought “Character before creativity”, and that’s where I’m at really. My character flaw of being stuck on an emotional roller coaster keeps getting in the way.

Years ago, an either crazy or wise man said to me, “You will be healed as you sing.” That’s what I want my music and creativity to be, healing and freeing for me and others in the process of making it and enjoying it. Character flaws and all, here I come.

When my dream comes true, other people’s dreams come true too.

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